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My Self Realization in Sahaja Yoga

 I am working as a Technical Manager in Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL), one of the few NavRatna public sector company, in Hardwar (Uttranchal Ė a newly created state). I  came in contact with sahajyoga in real sense when there was a public programme at BHEL club in April, 1999. Coincidentally, I was also one of the executive members of the nominated team that was running the various activities of the club for that year.

I came to the programme in the evening and what a evening it was ! I felt very good and the best part was the divine classical music through which Shri Arun Apteji was explaining the manifestation of various chakras and their relation with the seven swars in Indian music. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and was there till the very end. There was also mass self realisation in the end and even though I had felt good, I did not feel the vibrations (cool breeze) as it is said in Sahaj yoga. I went to the sahajyog center on the next stipulated day and I had a very different experience there. When they announced that anyone who did not feel cool breeze up till now may come forward for their self realisation and that some one will work on you and give vibrations to you. I went in the front for my self realization. While someone was working behind me during the self realisation, I felt some force rising from my back and I felt deep heaviness on my heart and my heart beat also increased giving me a sense of fear and discomfort. Though, I did not feel good but I knew that something had happened during that time. I started going to the center quite frequently now and also started meditation at home. The heaviness in heart continued at home also when ever I meditated with deep desire. My wife had still not joined sahajyoga and I was doing alone. The discomforting  feeling on my heart troubled me now and then and I donít know what pulled me on and on and somehow I continued my meditation. It is now clear to me that I was chosen one and destined to get my self realisation as it is believed in sahaj yoga and told by Shri Mataji that each Sahaj yogi is the chosen one.

This carried on for one year and the time came for the annual pilgrimage to Ganpatipule. I had heard all great things about this holy place, which is actually a heaven on this earth. I also gave my name to the sahaj yoga center for making the necessary arrangements for the visit. During the journey to Ganpatipule, I use to pray to Shri Mataji that why this discimination is being done to me. I prayed to Maa and desired that I should not come empty handed from Ganpatipule and that I should get the total feeling of self realization. I had also heard from some sahaj yogis that they have also get darshan of shree Ganesh sometimes and so additionally I also prayed and desired that if possible , I may also get darshan of shri Ganesha.

For the first three days in Ganpatipule, I bathed in the ocean, did Jal Kriya in the ocean, chanted Allah-ho-Akbar for Vishudhi and Ganesh Arthva Sheersham daily but nothing happened. On the fourth day, i.e 26-12-2000 (how can I forget that day !), one yuva Shakti from Lucknow who was studying medicine (MBBS) and whom I did not knew earlier, suggested that we should do chaining today after breakfast. Well, we all sat down and joined our hands (there were 10 yogis in all) . The person at both ends were left with one hand free and one of them on left side put it as we keep in front of Shri Mataji and the person on right side put his hand inside mother earth. With the start of the first mantra, my heart started beating very fast as one feels after running for few minutes. The discomfort became too much for me to bear and for a moment I thought of stopping the process but somehow I carried on praying to Shri Mataji and thinking about her when all of sudden everything started to calm down. I started feeling better and normal but still I did not feel any cool breeze from my hand or top of my head. After this, we all decided to visit the swayambhu of Shri Ganesh at Ganpatipule that is considered to be full of vibrations as Shri Mataji has pointed out in one of her lectures. After going on a route around the temple, we saw few foreign sahajyogis sitting at a place (considered to be the head portion of shree Ganesha) in meditation. I also went there and sat down with my left hand towards the swayammbhu. That is the moment I cannot forget in my life as it was my rebirth. Within a minute or two, my kundalini came up and it seemed that someone had put one ice-pack on top of my head and though I was aware of myself but still seemed to be in paradise. My sahastrara was completely ice cool. This was a happening which I cannot deny as it was felt by me. Amazingly it happened at Shree Ganesha Swayambhu as I had desired that I should have darshan of Shree Ganesha at Ganpatipule which I had. My both desires were fulfilled and I was so happy like a little boy telling all my friends about my experience. Shri Mataji did not sent me empty handed from Ganpatipule.

Now with the divine grace of Shri Mataji, my whole family (wife and two kids) are at the lotus feet of Shri Mataji and we pray to be always there.

                                                                                                     DK Chawla